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Racing Q&A: Ask Doc

Dr. Cohn receives and answers questions from racers everyday to help you reach your peak. You can read Dr. Cohn’s answers to questions on race psychology and teamwork in racing. If you have a question on race psychology or a particular mental game challenge in racing, please contact mental game expert, Dr. Cohn. Please give a brief background of your racing and the specific details of your mental game challenge in racing. How Do I Stay Confident After A Poor … Boost Confidence

What is Racing Psychology?

Discover how to quickly sharpen your race focus, boost confidence, and stay in control on the track! Dr. Patrick J. Cohn, race psychology expert, helps racers in all motor sports to improve mental toughness for racing to reach peak performance. Please browse our mental training programs for auto racers, motorcycle racers, and motocross racers. You can also browse our racing psychology articles for racers. Dr. Cohn provides peak performance strategies for motocross, auto, and motorsports racers. Learn how to improve … Boost Confidence