Motocross Students:

“Since I have been working with Dr. Cohn, I have noticed a dramatic change in my racing performance. Dr. Cohn has helped me to be much more confident in my racing and the results prove it! I look forward to your help as I race in the pro ranks.”*
~Matt Boni, Motocross Champion

“Dr. Cohn’s mental coaching has really helped our son Justin gain confidence in his riding and teach us how improve teamwork on and off the track.”*
~Stephanie Starling, Justin’s Mother

“Your mental game coaching with Matt has really helped him get to the top of his class. I will be sure to send you other racers, except Matt’s competitors! Thank you.”*
~Dan Boni, Matt’s Father

“Your work with my son Taylor has really helped him to improve his focus in races. He is a much better rider with your help and performs better under pressure. Your coaching is so good that I don’t want out main competitors to find out about our secret weapon-Dr. Cohn!”*
~Kevin Johnson, Taylor’s Father

“I just wanted to let you know that the mental imagery tape you made for me works amazing. Seriously, it is the greatest thing ever. I listened to the tape 5 times over the weekend. It helps me get into the greatest state of mind. So relaxed it is unreal. So, thank you very much for all you help and patients with me.”*

~Lindsay Wadsworth

“A big thanks to you Dr. Cohn! I just can’t get over how much of a wonderful resource you are Patrick for the mental game of motocross! Never in the history of sports have I had such an upper hand with your mental strategies!”*

~Nicky Labrecque

“I wanted to let you know that yesterday was my first race back from my injury at Las Vegas. Your mental game coaching is really working well. The two classes that I had signed up for I won them both. And was very excited.”*
~Joshua Duppong

“I really enjoyed your program and I read the steps the night before a race and it helps me stay more focused. I will pass the word about your site for sure. I have always had the speed and fitness but lacked confidence in my ability so this is something I needed.  Thanks for your help.“*
~Johnny Barber

Auto Racing Students:

“I think Dr. Cohn’s mental coaching has help me immensely. It has taught me what to focus on in and out of the racecar. How to stay calm and focused have been key skills that I have learned which are important in helping me be a better and more confident racecar driver.”*
~AJ Allmendinger, NASCAR Driver

“Every serious race car driver needs to work with a mental game expert, such as Dr. Cohn of Peak Performance Sports. Dr. Cohn taught me how to harness the power of confidence, focus, and composure on the track. Even better, I am able to use his mental game strategies for racing to my life!”*
~Burney Lamar, NASCAR Driver

“Dr. Cohn, with your help I won my last race at Hockenheim. Your mental strategies really helped me improve as my results improved dramatically during the year. I received a 3rd, 2nd, and then won my final race of the season!”*
~Jonathan Summerton, F3 Euro Series Driver

“With the help of Dr. Cohn, my son’s is very focused and confident as a race car driver. In races, he now can tune out distractions easier and focus on driving.”*
~Alan Summerton

“Even when I’m competing at a high level, my confidence is great and I am able to keep it elevated even in very tough situations with Dr. Cohn’s help. My mind is able to focus on the process instead of on the outcome and it has made all the difference in my performance!”*
~Alex Garcia, Atlantic CHAMP Car Driver

“Your mental preparation outline is incredible! I used it to keep focused in qualifying and we were able to start up front and stay there! ”*
~Brian Hoppe, NASCAR Driver

Drag Racing Students

“Your program helped me to regain focus and confidence. Our sport is all mental. I am very proud the last two races of the year. I was able to get back to enjoying what I loved to do-RACE. Your program gave me the competitive edge that was needed to win races. I look forward to working with you again to help me keep my mental game sharp. Thanks so much again,”*
~Chip Ellis, Pro Stock Motorcycle

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