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Racing Q&A: Ask Doc

Dr. Cohn receives and answers questions from racers everyday to help you reach your peak. You can read Dr. Cohn’s answers to questions on race psychology and teamwork in racing. If you have a question on race psychology or a particular mental game challenge in racing, please contact mental game expert, Dr. Cohn. Please give a brief background of your racing and the specific details of your mental game challenge in racing. How Do I Stay Confident After A Poor … Boost Confidence

Racing Psychology Sessions with Dr. Cohn

Over the next few months, I will be answering racers questions on the mental game of racing via my new podcast for motocross and auto racers. If you want me to answer your question, please contact me at Sports Psychology for Racers and Athletes. In today’s racing psychology session, I introduce mental training in racing for motocross and auto racers. I answer the following mental game of racing question: “What is racing psychology and how can it help me improve … Boost Confidence