Dealing With Other Racers’ Trash Talk

Mental game of racing expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, at helps NASCAR, Motocross, and motorcycle racers improve performance and lap times by boosting mental toughness, focus, and confidence on race day. Learn race psychology tips and strategies.

In today’s mental training session, I discuss the racing psychology tips to stay focused after other racers’ put-downs.

I answer the following mental training for racing question:

“How do I block out “put-downs” or things other people say like “I’m going to beat you, you stink, or you can’t win” or anything else to make me lose concentration?”

Other racers use trash talk to get you off your game and reduce your racing confidence. These put downs can become a distraction if you let them.

Racers who become distracted by trash talk can also doubt their ability on the racetrack. Doubt is the opposite of confidence and is not helpful to your racing.

The solution is to develop strong mental confidence in your racing ability so that those put-downs do not affect you. Having racing confidence is more important than what others think.

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