Overcoming the Fear of Re-injury

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In today’s mental training session for racers, I help a racer overcome his fear of re-injury.

I answer the following mental game of racing question:

“My biggest challenge is the fear I developed after breaking my back in 7 places while practicing. I feel too afraid to jump because I am scared of hurting my back again. I have a partially herniated disc due to my big crash and several of my discs are ruined. How can I conquer this fear and continue to progress with my riding?”

Overcoming an injury is just as much mental as it is physical. Many racers worry about re-injury on the track.

Worrying about re-injury is a legitimate fear. Some racers may try to avoid mistakes to protect themselves from injury.

In that case, racers think too much about mistakes, which may cause them to tighten up.

The key is to think about execution, or what you need to do to race successfully. Learn how to improve your performance with mental skills training.

Listen to this podcast on “fear of re-injury” to learn racing psychology tips to prepare mentally for a race!

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  1. Ok I’m just starting and I’m afraid to jump because I don’t know how it will turn out how do I conquer this huge fear, I want to jump so badly , help me.


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