Boosting Self-Confidence on Race Day

Motocross and auto racing mental game expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, at helps NASCAR, Motocross, and motorcycle racers improve performance and lap times by boosting mental toughness, focus, and confidence on race day. Learn motocross and auto racing mental training techniques and strategies.

In today’s mental training session, I discuss how to improve racing and motocross confidence on the line.

I answer the following racing psychology question:

“When my racers sit on the start line KNOWING that others are faster, they have a tough time believing they could possibly win. How can they have confidence to win when they know others are faster?”

In this psychology of motocross session, I give you the top mental racing tips to improve your starts on the line and maintain the racing confidence you need to perform your best.

Learn how to trust in your racing or riding ability and avoid making assumptions about your competitors. The key is to focus on the small things that help you race successfully.

In addition, with my mental game tips, you learn how to improve your motocross and auto racing training. Learn how to stay confident, improve trust and to develop a consistent prerace routine.

Listen the podcast on “racing confidence” to learn more motocross and auto racing mental tips!

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