Matt Boni on the Mental Game of Motocross

Matt Boni was Dr. Cohn’s first motocross mental coaching student.

In a recent interview, Matt Boni, National MX Champion, talks about the mental game of motocross and his experience with racing psychology expert Dr. Cohn.

In the interview Boni answered:

How does your mental game impact your racing?

BONI: The mental game of motocross is very important. It controls everything. You can have the best equipment, you can spend the most money on trainers, you can be in the best shape, but if you can’t mentally see yourself being the top guy, then you aren’t ever going to be there. It’s very important.

BONI: From working with Dr. Cohn I’ve learned that it’s most important to mentally have a game plan, mentally have a strategy before you get into the race, before you get into your tournament and that everybody is equal…

Watch the video to learn more about the importance of your mental game in racing:

YouTube video

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