Taking Your Practice Speed to Races

The Mental Game of Racing

My recent racing psychology survey suggests that the biggest challenge for motor sports racers is how to take practice or qualifying speed into races on race day.

Here is an example of the questions I received in the mental game of racing survey I conducted:

“How do I bring practice speed to competition? When I practice, I feel nothing is on the line and I can fly! But when I compete, I somehow feel it’s “important” and can’t get back to that speed. How can I race at practice speed?”

If you have any interest in the direction of my mental coaching programs for racers, I suggest you give me your input by visiting my racing psychology survey. Tell me your top mental game challenges in racing.

You can also ask me one question you have about your mental game. Please check out my recent video on the mental game of racing.

Also, I would appreciate any feedback you want to share about this video or your challenges related to taking your practice speed to race day.

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