How To Overcome Indecision

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In today’s racing psychology session, I talk about how to overcome indecision on the line.

I answer the following mental game of racing question:

“Why do I keep changing my bike setup, even though I know the current one is working for me? It is very annoying for both me and those around me, but I can’t help myself.”

Changing your bike setup could result from performance anxiety about the race. But, the likely reason is that you are second-guessing yourself. Uncertainty or indecision is not helpful to your racing.

The key is to be more committed and decisive at the start of the race with your bike setup and continue that decisiveness throughout the race. Talk to your team members to determine the best bike setup option.

Develop a racing strategy prior to the race to lower indecision.

Listen to this podcast on “How to overcome indecision” to learn more racing strategies to mentally prepare yourself for a big race!

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