Improving Your Self-Talk For Races

Racing Psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, at helps NASCAR, Motocross, and motorcycle racers improve performance and lap times by boosting mental preparation, focus, and confidence on race day. Learn auto racing and motocross mental tips and strategies.

In today’s mental game of racing session, I help a racer improve his negative self-talk.

I answer the following psychology of racing question:

“My self-talk is really bad at the track. I think, ‘You can’t win this race because so and so is in it and he always wins or there are lots of fast cars in your heat.’ How do I keep from mentally defeating myself when a racer with a known track record of winning is in the field?”

Learn the top mental training racing strategies to overcome negative self-talk. Many racers struggle with their self-talk on the racetrack. Negative self-talk can influence your racing performance. Negative self-talk can affect your racing confidence and cause you to question your racing ability, or doubt yourself. Doubt is the opposite of self-confidence.

Avoid making comparisons to other racers and focus on what you need to do. Make a list of your top doubts and develop a rebuttal for those doubts, or change them into statements of confidence.

Listen to this podcast on “self-talk” to learn more about how to improve your training for race day!

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