Pressure in Racing

Help Young Racers Improve Confidence and Focus

Racing psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, at helps NASCAR, Motocross, and motorcycle racers improve performance and lap times by boosting focus and confidence on race day. Learn mental game of racing tips and strategies. In today’s psychology of racing session, I answer a question about how to develop young athletes racing confidence. I answer the following mental game of racing question: “My son worries too much about what others think about him and how he rides. I would like … Boost Confidence

Are You Trying Too Hard on The Race Track?


Do you perform relaxed and tension-free in a practice but then race tense or scared in races or national events? This is a big sign that your mindset breakdowns when you go from practice to race situations. Why would your mind get in the way when you think the race really counts or is important to you? This could be from several reasons: Fear of failure Tension Doubt Self-intimidation In many cases, the pressure you put on your own racing … Boost Confidence