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Tune Up Your MX Mind


It’s race time and all the intense preparation is over. You have trained hard, are confident with your pre-moto practice, have set up your bike for the track, and studied the track to find the fastest lines. You have done everything to prepare for the moto, but suddenly as you sit on the start line for your moto to start, a little voice in your head starts to question your ability and cause you to think about the fast guys … Boost Confidence

Racing Q&A: Ask Doc

Dr. Cohn receives and answers questions from racers everyday to help you reach your peak. You can read Dr. Cohn’s answers to questions on race psychology and teamwork in racing. If you have a question on race psychology or a particular mental game challenge in racing, please contact mental game expert, Dr. Cohn. Please give a brief background of your racing and the specific details of your mental game challenge in racing. How Do I Stay Confident After A Poor … Boost Confidence

What is Racing Psychology?

Discover how to quickly sharpen your race focus, boost confidence, and stay in control on the track! Dr. Patrick J. Cohn, race psychology expert, helps racers in all motor sports to improve mental toughness for racing to reach peak performance. Please browse our mental training programs for auto racers, motorcycle racers, and motocross racers. You can also browse our racing psychology articles for racers. Dr. Cohn provides peak performance strategies for motocross, auto, and motorsports racers. Learn how to improve … Boost Confidence

When Grip Gets Into Your Head Prerace

I tuned in to watch some NHRA drag racing last night because one of my Pro-Stock Motorcycle mental coaching students was racing in the final. What caught my interest was the Funny Car final between John and Ashley force – a father-daughter duel. What a unique situation… Ashley Force was racing to be the first woman to win a national race in Funny Car. And father John Force was trying to notch his 1000 round. Ashley won in a dramatic … Boost Confidence

A Racer’s Focus From Qualifying to Later Rounds

Auto racing psychology

In drag racing, how can you maintain focus from qualifying to eliminations? In motocross, how can you maintain focus for all three motos in a race? In auto racing, how can you maintain focus from qualifying though the entire race weekend? I answer these questions in today’s racing psychology blog. Your ability to stay focused from practice to qualifying to later rounds or motos is very important to your performance. I want you to understand that you don’t need to … Boost Confidence

How Your Mindset Sabotages Performance

One of my biggest challenges for racers is the ability to bring their physical skills or ability to the track on race day. Do you look like a star in practice when it doesn’t really matter, but then under perform on race day because now it matters? If you answered “yes” this is the number one sign that your mind is getting in the way of your performance. You must have both confidence and trust to perform your best on … Boost Confidence